about me

I’m Oli Price, a graphic designer and illustrator with over 15 years experience in design, artwork and art direction both in agency and freelance spheres. I create by hand as well as on a mac and work both in-house and remotely. I also donate my time and skills to support environmental and wildlife conservation efforts around the globe.


contact me at: 24point@gmail.com

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clients include:


Oli is a great creative, full of energy he always has loads of good ideas and executes them with brilliant design. Experienced, knowledgable and very aware of what’s going on in design, he’s equally good at producing something fresh and new or something classic or retro. Oli is reliable, fast, good value, fun and positive to work with, can’t recommend him enough. Indeed if he didn't spend most of his life travelling to all corners of the earth we’d probably employ him full time.


Mike Glasspell - Director, OINK Creative Ltd. London.


Oliver is more than a designer. He takes careful time to correctly understand needs, brings his solid experience to the mix and lastly knows how to precisely express key elements through the craft of his art. His easy-going professionalism made the whole process quick, refreshing and fun, all while delivering stunning results.


Xavier Huppé - Huppe Software Engineering. Quebec, Canada.


I have known Oli for nearly twenty years. Initially, he worked full-time at the Big Group, where I was a director. He proved diligent

and was always accurate and professional. His amiable manner meant he got on very well with other staff and, especially, with clients. 

When Oli became freelance, we continued to work together and he never let me down. Always enthusiastic, his technical abilities

and creativity enhanced any project with which he was involved. Reliable and energetic, I can whole-heartedly recommend him.


Arthur Ward - Director / Creative Manager, Big Group Ltd. London.

giving back

Since 2006 I have been donating my design and illustration skills to wildlife conservation projects around the world. I try to do this
for at least two months per year, as time and funds allow. Giving back has led to some amazing and unique experiences on projects
in Thailand, Costa Rica, Myanmar, Uruguay, Greece, and Trinidad, as well as providing fresh inspiration and revitalisation!