logos, identity & branding

Shinbone branding: A family of branding for Shinbone - a solar energy organisation dedicated to bringing cheap, clean energy to West African communities. The branding had to cover a tech company, an NGO, and a local solar project.

Wild Sun logo: I donated my time and skills to a new project in Costa Rica that rescues and rehabilitates howler monkeys. The owner also runs a surf school, so I liked the idea of taking some influence from 70s surf culture for their branding.

FORRU branding: This project run by Chiang Mai University is all about regenerating rainforest in illegally deforested areas. A logo was needed to represent new growth, bold enough to show up on volunteer t-shirts in the forest. We wanted an organic twist through hand drawn elements.

Marinasia logos: This eco-minded travel company runs cruises and eco-tours in Burma spreading awareness of the unspoiled environment there. They were after an up-to-the-minute suite of logotypes to represent the slightly different facets and options
of the business, and that hinted at the overlap between tourism and conservation that is key to their mission.

Wembley Metropolitan Branding: A suite of branding for the Wembley Metropolitan area in light of a regeneration programme to bring new business and residents to the district.

Swisher logo: Those lovely chaps at Oink Creative asked me to come up with a suite of logotypes that would be the hinge for a teaser campaign for Momentum Pictures' movie 'Frozen'. Retro styling was key here so I looked long and hard at typography and colourways.

Navigator Partnership logo: This psychology consultancy
help people to find their way through life's many trials, with counselling and training for both individuals and businesses. 
We were therefore after something that was both familiar but sophisticated enough for the corporate world.

Gibbon Rehabilitation Project : This project was in need
of a branding update. Something modern with more impact -
a symbol. The fluffy gibbon face that people identify with
so well with became the perfect badge for the project.

Live France identity: For an immobilier selling property in various regions in France. Inspired by The Pink Panther cartoons!

APE branding: Logo for the Association for Protection of the Environment, a group trying to protect the forest in Southern Thailand from the palm oil and rubber corporations.

Southport branding: A logo to promote Southport’s seafront. I took inspiration from the art deco railings and wrought ironwork that line the promenade.

Vantage Jones branding: This London based recruitment company were in need of a fresh rebrand - something corporate yet zesty and colourful. The brief was to hint at finding that special person amongst the many - the 'one in a million' - we settled for one in twelve in the end!